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by Savannah Scott

I loved Duke, but I hated how much weight he and Shannon gave to Chris's opinions. It was annoying.

by Savannah Scott

Best one of the series so far

The Roses Of Feldstone
by Esther Hatch

Definitely not my favorite from this author.

The Enchanted Hacienda
by J.C. Cervantes

SO disappointing. I could barely finish it.

The Apothecary's Poison
by C. J. Archer

I don’t normally like cliffhangers but I enjoyed the ending of this book The twists and turns of the investigation were intriguing. I did want more from the American friends, as they tend to play role of comedic relief in the middle of all of the relationship drama. I look forward to book four.

Romantic Comedy (reese's Book Club)
by Curtis Sittenfeld

Loved this book. Will definitely be picking up more by this author. Comedy writer and famous singer and the relationship that develops and falls apart in one weeks time. Then the reconnection during Covid.

The Pocket Pair
by Emma St. Clair

Not bad, but nothing much happens in this book.

The Bullet That Missed
by Richard Osman

Osman does it again. Though it was my least favorite of the series, I still adore the characters.

The Modern Girl's Guide To Magic
by Linsey Hall

Didn't love this one.

The Forest Of Vanishing Stars
by Kristin Harmel

Love this book.. lots of history of the war and about a young girl who was raised in the forrest and ends up helping a ton of refugees flee the war and keep safe in the forrest by teaching them how to survive on the land.
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