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On Juneteenth
by Annette Gordon Reed

Excellent book about Juneteenth! This is informative and detailed for a book of 140 pages. The reader gets a great glimpse about this now national holiday which I believe should be recognized.

A Year Of Biblical Womanhood
by Rachel Held Evans

I have enjoyed listening to books by this author. Held Evans gives a humorous, humble account of spending one year trying to literally live by examples of women in the Bible. What she has concluded is that the Bible does not give a one-size-fits-all ideal for how Christian women should live. This is a freeing message to women who felt like they have been marginalized in church due to their gender. The author's husband contributes to this audiobook with the reading of his journal entries.

by Megan Phelps-roper

This book is an interesting account of being born and raised in a cult-like fundamentalist religion. Megan (the author) explains her thought process of debating whether to continue in a religion that has harmed many people outside of her church in which nearly every congregant was a member of her family. Some of the events brought me to tears as I have been struggling with my Christian beliefs as some of them have been toxic.